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Biographical entry Parry, Lindsay George (Lin) (1922 - 2016)

29 March 1922
near Ballina, New South Wales, Australia


Lin Parry was a physicist whose research centred on the magnetic (especially thermomagnetic) properties of various materials. After teaching for a short time at Bathurst High School he was among the first appointees to the Department of Physics at the University of New South Wales where he spent the rest of his career. He led the development of a translation balance for measurement of the temperature dependence of the saturation magnetisations of rocks, to identify the compositions of their magnetically active minerals. This work became central to his research and had wide application to that of colleagues. Parry's analysis played a role in establishing magnetic remanences of meteorites and to the identification of the polar wander path for Australia and the Kiaman reverse superchron. His use of an elutriator to separate magnetite grains of different sizes led to a data set the became the standard reference for magnetic properties of dispersed fine grains.



Education - MSc, University of New South Wales
Education - PhD, University of New South Wales

Published resources

Journal Articles

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