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Biographical entry Sutherst, Robert Wilfred (Bob) (1943 - 2013)

22 March 1943
Nairobi, Kenya
27 June 2013
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Ecologist and Entomologist


Robert Sutherst combined entomology and ecology in a career that had significant impact on management programs for livestock arthropod parasites (ticks and biting flies), and crop and environmental pests and invasive species. In 1967 he was awarded an Australian Meat Research Scholarship for PhD studies on aspects of cattle tick ecology in Australia. On completing his studies Sutherst joined CSIRO where he spent the rest of his career. He first led the cattle tick ecology project at the CSIRO Long Pocket laboratories during a pesticide resistance crisis. In the 1980s his focus moved to buffalo flies, although funding was withdrawn before meaningful analysis of the data collected could be done. Sutherst developed CLIMEX and DYMEX, ecological modelling tools for assessing biosecurity and climate change risks posed by a wide range of pests and weeds in particular. Both were commercially released and are used world-wide. In his research Sutherst collaborated widely in the fields of biological control, quarantine and biosecurity. He was a member of the N.S.W. Cattle Tick Advisory Committee for many years, and for six years was consultant to the FAO-DANida Africa Regional tick and tick-borne disease program.



Education - BSc (Hons), Edinburgh University
Education - PhD, University of Queensland
Award - Bancroft-Mackerras Medal, Australian Society for Parasitology
Career position - President, Entomological Society of Queensland
Award - Mackerras Medal, Australian Entomological Society
Life event - Retired
2006 - 2013
Career position - Hon. Reader, Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions, University of Queensland

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