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Biographical entry Blair, David (1949 - )

Glasgow, Scotland


David Blair is a world authority on the systematics and evolution of flatworms. In his research he uses molecular techniques to study evolutionary changes and the influence of host and environmental factors, the co-evolution of parasites and their hosts, questions about population genetics and phylogeography of vertebrates, and molecular taxonomy of medically-important parasites such as Asian lung flukes and blood flukes. Specific interests include parasites of tropical Australian wildlife, particularly dugongs and chelonians. He described numerous new genera and the families Labicolidae and Balanotaenidae. In 2006 he donated to the Queensland Museum over 1,500 specimens of Digenea, stigeroids and parasites of Australian wildlife.



Education - BSc (Hons), Glasgow University
Life event - Migrated to Australia
Education - PhD, Glasgow University
1975 - 1979
Career position - Tutor, Department of Zoology, James Cook University
1979 - 1980
Career position - Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Parasitology, University of Queensland
1981 - 1989
Career position - Lecturer, Department of Zoology, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
1989 - 1997
Career position - Senior Lecturer, Department of Zoology, James Cook University
Career position - Professor, Department of Zoology, School of Molecular and Biological Sciences, James Cook University
Award - Fellow, Australian Society for Parasitology

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  • Angus, B. M., Cannon, L. G. R. and Adlard, R. D., 'Parasitology and the Queensland Museum, with Biographical Notes on Collectors', Memoirs of the Queensland Museum: Nature, vol. 53, 2007, pp. 1-156. Details

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