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Allan Pring became Curator of Minerals at the South Australian Museum after a brief period at the Research School of Chemistry, Australian National University. His research interests centre on the formation of minerals by hydrothermal processes, the development of neutron and x-ray diffraction techniques to study mineral formation processes at high temperature and pressure hydrothermal conditions, and biomineralisation processes and structure as it relates to the colour of shells and pearls. He has been active in a number of mineralogical societies.



Education - BSc, Monash University
Education - PhD, University of Cambridge
1984 - 2014
Career position - Curator of Minerals, South Australian Museum
Career position - Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship, for study in Hamburg and Cambridge
1999 - 2000
Career position - Visiting Fellow Commoner, Trinity College, University of Cambridge
Award - J. E. Johnson Medal, Mineralogical Society of South Australia
Career position - Australian delegate, International Mineralogical Association Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names
Award - John Sanders Medal, Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Society
Award - Sir Joseph Verco Medal, Royal Society of South Australia
Award - ScD, University of Cambridge
2006 - 2008
Career position - President, Royal Society of South Australia
2014 -
Career position - Distinguished Professor in Chemical Mineralogy, School of Chemical and Physical Sciences, Flinders University
2014 -
Career position - Honorary Research Associate in Mineralogy, South Australian Museum
2014 -
Career position - Research Professor, Chemistry and Physics of Materials, University of Adelaide

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