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Biographical entry Mertz, Xavier (1882 - 1913)

6 October 1882
Basel, Switzerland
8 January 1913
King George V Land, Antarctica
Antarctic explorer


Xavier Mertz was a skier and mountaineer in his native Switzerland. He was engaged by Douglas Mawson in 1911 as ski instructor for the Australasian Antarctic Expedition (1911-1914). With Belgrave Ninnis, he became responsible for the Expedition's Greenland huskies. In 1912 Mertz was selected by Mawson to accompany him as a member of the Far Eastern Party to explore King George V Land. This became one of the most epic journeys in Antarctic history and resulted in the deaths of Ninnis and Mertz. Mertz Glacier in Antarctica is named after him.



1911 - 1913
Career position - Member of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition

Published resources

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