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Biographical entry Simon, Bryan Kenneth (1943 - 2015)

Witbank, South Africa
3 January 2015
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Bryan Simon was a taxonomist and systematist who specialised in the grass family, Poaceae, particularly the genera Aristida, Sacciolepis and Sporobolus. After nine years working as a systematic botanist at the National Herbarium of Rhodesia, he moved to Queensland in 1974 where he spent the next 39 years at the Queensland Herbarium. He published prolifically on Australian grasses, particularly for the Flora of Australia and produced two editions of the Key to Australian grasses. Simon was a leader in the creation of electronic resources for grass specialists worldwide, notably AusGrass and Grass world. He collected widely across Australia and internationally: His principal collections are lodged with the Queensland Herbarium.



Education - BSc, University College of Rhodesia
1965 - 1974
Career position - Systematic Botanist, National Herbarium of Rhodesia
Education - MSc, University of Reading, U.K
Life event - Migrated to Queensland
1974 - 1978
Career position - Botanist, Queensland Herbarium
1978 - 1992
Career position - Principal Botanist, Queensland Herbarium
1992 - 2012
Career position - Senior Principal Botanist, Queensland Herbarium
Career position - Senior Fellow, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, University of Queensland
Career position - Research Associate, Queensland Institute of Technology
Career position - Research Associate, Queensland Herbarium
Life event - Retired

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