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Biographical entry Wilhelmi, Johann Friederich Carl (1829 - 1884)

Dresden, Germany
Botanical collector and Botanist
Alternative Names
  • Wilhelmi, Carl (Also known as)


Carl Wilhelmi, a German botanist, sailed from Hamburg to Port Adelaide in 1849. His contributions as a botanist and natural scientist in general were significant and he was a prolific writer. He is known as the first botanist since Robert Brown to explore and collect the plants of the Eyre Peninsula, and the first to publish a detailed account of the Victorian Grampians. He was acquainted with Joseph Hooker, and as assistant to Ferdinand von Mueller collected many botanical specimen. Carl Wilhelmi returned to Germany in 1869.



Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus cladocalyx F.Muell. (1853). Wilhelmi collected the type.

Published resources

Book Sections

  • Maroske, Sara, 'Germans at the Melbourne Botanic Garden and Herbarium, 1853-96', in Ellen I. Mitchell (ed.), Baron von Mueller's German Melbourne, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, 2000, pp. 24-34. Details

Conference Papers

  • Kraehenbuehl, Darrell N., 'Carl Wilhelmi, the Seedsman from Dresden: His Botanical Endeavour in South Australia and Victoria', in Short, P.S. (ed.), History of Systematic Botany in Australasia: Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the University of Melbourne, 25-27 May 1988, Australian Systematic Botany Society, Melbourne, 1990, pp. 115-120. Details

Journal Articles

  • Wilhelmi, Carl, 'My Journeys in South Australia: Lecture by Carl Wilhelmi, 14 September 1857 (translated and introduced by Thomas A. Darragh)', Journal of Friends of Lutheran Archives, vol. 13 (Octobe, 2003, pp. 5-24. Details

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