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Biographical entry Neyland, Mark Geoffrey (1958 - )

Dr (PhD)

13 February 1958
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Forest scientist


Dr Mark Neyland has worked in Tasmania in forestry and ecology since graduating from ANU in 1981. Having completed a variety of project work in 1995 he joined the comprehensive regional assessment team which work underpinned the Regional Forest Agreement for Tasmania. He joined Forestry Tasmania in 1998 and in 2005 was appointed Principal Research Scientist (Native Forests), and later, Manager of Research and Development. Since 1998 the key focus of his research has been on developing alternative silvicultural systems to clearfelling for use in tall, wet eucalypt forests.



Education - Bachelor of Science (Forestry), Australian National University
Career position - Joined Forestry Tasmania as Native Forest Research Officer
Education - PhD, University of Tasmania
Career position - Appointed Manager of Research and Development, Forestry Tasmania

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Journal Articles

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