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Biographical entry Neumann, Frederick Gerhard (1937 - )

21 January 1937
Forest entomologist


Frederick Neumann was responsible for improved prescriptions for suppression of defoliating insects in young eucalypt plantations that were planted extensively on farmland in Victoria in the period 1995-2005.


As a research scientist focussing on insect pest management in forests, Frederick Neumann investigated eucalypt seed physiology, softwood genetics, and the ecology of insect pests in native eucalypt forests and pine plantations. This latter work included the successful control of chronic plague numbers of stick insect defoliators in high-productivity Eucalyptus delegatensis (Alpine Ash) and Eucalyptus regnans (Mountain Ash) forests in Victoria. His research also elucidated the effects of bushfires and prescribed fires on the populations and activity of soil/litter-frequenting invertebrates in eucalypt forests. Frederick Neumann's qualifications include: Diploma of Forestry, Victorian School of Forestry Creswick; Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from University of New South Wales; Doctor of Forest Science, University of Melbourne.


Education - Doctor of Forest Science, The University of Melbourne
Education - Diploma of Forestry, Victorian School of Forestry
Education - Master of Science, The University of New South Wales
Education - Bachelor of Science, The University of New South Wales
1960 - 1965
Career position - Assistant Forester, Forests Commission of Victoria
1980 - 1987
Career position - Research Scientist and Officer-in-Charge of Mountain Forest Research Station Kallista
1987 - 1996
Career position - Senior Research Scientist (Entomology) at Centre for Forest Tree Technology, Kew, Victoria

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Book Sections

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Journal Articles

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