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Biographical entry Costermans, Leon F. (1933 - )

Botanical illustrator and Botanist


Leon Costermans has been working as a botanist and botanical illustrator. He is known for his work on the identification of eucalypts. Among others, he illustrated his book Native trees and shrubs of south-eastern Australia

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions


  • Costermans, L. F. (Leon F.), Trees of Victoria and adjoining areas, 6th edn, Costermans Publishing, Frankston, Vic., 2006, 164 pp. Details
  • Costermans, L.F. (Leon F.), Native trees and shrubs of south-eastern Australia, New edn, Reed New Holland, Sydney, 2009, 440 pp. Details
  • Franklin, Donald; Robinson, John; Costermans, L.F., and Lindner, John, Eucalypts of the Bendigo district : a guide to identification and distribution. Illustrated by Leon Costermans., Rev. edn, Bendigo Field Naturalists Club, Bendigo, Victoria, 1991, 56 pp. Details

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