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Biographical entry Stoller, Alan (1911 - 2007)


26 May 1911
London, England
5 October 2007
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


In 1953, psychiatrist Dr Alan Stoller was the first person to hold the position of chief clinical officer in the newly established Mental Health Authority of Victoria. While in this position he put out the Stoller Report, known for its damning survey of the state of mental health care facilities in Victoria. The report had a major influence on government mental health policy directions.


In 1955 Stoller founded the Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria, of which he remained director until 1969 when he was appointed Chairman of the Mental Health Authority of Victoria, a position he held until 1976.

Stoller also served as president of the Royal Australian and New Zealand, the Marriage Guidance Council of Victoria, the Victorian Council for Mental Hygiene and the National Committee for the Prevention of Alcoholism. He was also the first and only Australian to be named president of the World Federation of Mental Health.


Education - Bachelor of Medicine, London University
Life event - Emigrated from London, England to Perth, Australia
1939 - 1945
Career position - Psychiatrist to Australian Imperial Force, serving in New Guinea and the Middle East
c. 1945 - 1947
Career position - Conducted psychiatric research at London University
Life event - Returned to Australia from England
1947 - 1953
Career position - Consultant psychiatrist to the Repatriation Commission (Veterans Affairs)
Career position - Chief Clinical Officer at the Mental Health Authority of Victoria
c. 1954
Career event - Published the Stoller Report for the Commonwealth Health Department
1955 - 1969
Career position - Founding Director of the Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria
1969 - 1976
Career position - Chairman of the Mental Health Authority of Victoria

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