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Biographical entry Varghese, Joseph Noozhumurry (Jose) (1949 - )

13 March 1949
Nairobi, Kenya
Molecular biologist and Virologist


Jose Varghese is an expert molecular biologist who has worked in the medical research field since 1980 when was invited by Peter Colman to collaborate on analysis of human influenza Type A viruses in 1980. This research had unprecedented results in terms of identifying the structure of the virus and allowed for the development of Relenza, a groundbreaking drug that works against all strains of influenza virus including bird flu and swine flu.


When he was seconded from his position with Colman in the CSIRO's Division of Protein Chemistry, to the Biomolecular Research Institute, Varghese continued his research into influenza. During his time there (1990-2000) he also led successful research into the following; the structure of several plant hydrolyses; the structure of the Interleukin-6 receptor; the improvement of X-Ray brilliance using mono-capillary optics; the construction of computer simulations molecules binding onto a protein surface to aid the process of drug design.

Varghese has published over 90 scientific articles, which have been cited, as of 2008, over 4 600 times.


Education - Bachelor of Science (Physics and Mathematics), University of Queensland
Education - Honours in Theoretical Physics, University of Queensland
1970 - 1974
Education - PhD in Physics at the University of Western Australia at Nedlands, Perth
1974 - c. 1977
Career position - ARC Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Crystallography Centre, University of Western Australia
1977 - c. 1980
Career position - Science Research Council (UK) Postdoctoral Fellowship at the School of Molecular Sciences, University of Sussex in England
1980 - c. 1984
Career position - CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellowship with Dr Peter Colman, CSIRO Division of Protein Chemistry
1984 - 1990
Career position - Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO Biomolecular Engineering
1990 - 2000
Career position - Chief Research Scientist, Biomolecular Research Institute, Parkville
2001 - 2005
Career position - Head, Structural Biology Program CSIRO Health Sciences and Nutrition

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