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Biographical entry Tickner, James

Nuclear physicist and Physicist


James Tickner is a physicist who specialises in the creation of novel nuclear instruments with applications in the mineral industry, as well as in border security. After joining the CSIRO in 1998, he was involved in the development of the award-winning Air Cargo Scanner technology that allows for the rapid identification of contraband content within large air cargo with high precision measurement technology. During his Doctoral research and as a Post-doctoral fellow, he worked on the ZEUS experiment at Oxford University (1997).



Career event - Awarded Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC) Post-doctoral fellowship to work on ZEUS experiment, Oxford University
Award - CSIRO Minerals Innovation Award for development of XENA, a prompt-neutron activation analyser for cement raw meal (with Lim)
Award - CSIRO Minerals Innovation Award for development of a prototype fast-neutron and gamma-ray radiography scanner for air cargo (with 9 others)
Award - Australian Institute of Physics Alan Walsh Award for service to industry with Brian David Sowerby
Award - Australian Academy of Science Frederick White Prize
Award - CSIRO Medal for Research Achievement for Air Cargo Scanner (with 13 others)
Award - John Philip Award for the Promotion of Excellence in Young Scientists

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