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Biographical entry Sowerby, Brian David

Mineralogist and Nuclear physicist


Brian Sowerby, a doctor in Nuclear Physics, is an expert in the application of nuclear and ultrasonic imaging techniques in the mineral and energy industries. While employed by the CSIRO as research manager of CSIRO Minerals at Lucas Heights he made breakthroughs in techniques for the analysis of raw materials in the mining industry, including the CSIRO product Coalscan. This led Sowerby to focus on other applications of similar imaging techniques. The outcome of this was the Air Cargo Scanner, which uses high-energy neutrons combined with X-rays or gamma-rays to rapidly scan and identify not only the shape but also the mineral makeup of materials in large cargo containers. For this technique he was the joint recipient of the CSIRO Medal for Research Achievement in 2006.



Award - IR 100 Award for Coalscan pair production gauge (together with Mineral Control Instrumentation Limited and Queensland University)
Award - Inaugural Sir Ian McLennan Achievement for Industry Award
Award - Confederation of Australian Industry Award for Outstanding Achievement in Energy Research
Award - Australia Prize
Award - Centenary Medal for service to Australian society in applied physics
Award - Australian Institute of Physics Alan Walsh Medal
Award - CSIRO Medal for Research Achievement for Air Cargo Scanner

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