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Biographical entry Prins, Martin Willem (1949 - )

24 December 1949
Textile technologist and Wool expert


Martin Prins worked joined the CSIRO Division of Textile Industry in 1968 and worked in subsequent divisions specialising in textiles and footwear for the next 40 years, retiring in 2009.

Early on in his CSIRO career he was heavily involved in the development and commercialisation of Sirospun self-twist yarn technology. During this process he developed technology that formed the basis of the pioneering Siroclear yarn purity testing mechanism.

He then went on to invent and develop the technology called Solospun that allowed existing spinning machinery to generate single ply yarns of a higher strength than previously achievable.

Later in his career he led the CSIRO's Protein Fibre Processing and Technologies research theme, developing novel protein fibre textiles for high performance settings.



1968 - 1970
Career event - Technical Specialist, CSIRO Division of Textile Industry
Education - Bachelor of Science, Deakin University
1999 - 2003
Career position - Manager of the CSIRO textile processing mil
c. 2005 - ?
Career position - Stream Leader, CSIRO's Protein Fibre Processing and Technologies research theme

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