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Biographical entry Plate, Dieter Erich Alexander

Textile technologist and Wool expert


Dieter Plate is a textile technologist who worked at the CSIRO's Division of Textile (and later Wool) Technology from 1968 until 1993. Plate's research focused on weaving theory and technology for identifying and removing impurities from wool fibres.

In the 1970s Plate and his colleagues developed the patented Sirospun process of producing worsted wool. The technology made the process of spinning much more efficient which was highly significant in the wool industry worldwide. For this patent Plate received the 1986 CSIRO Medal for Research Achievement.



1954 - 1960
Education - Bachelor of Science, University of Queensland
1954 - 1960
Career position - Technical Assistant, CSIRO Meat Investigations Laboratory
1960 - 1963
Education - First-Class Honours in Physics, University of Queensland
1965 - 1968
Education - PhD in Textile Engineering, Leeds University, England
1968 - 1982
Career position - Research Scientist, CSIRO Division of Textile Industry
1982 - 1988
Career position - Leader of the Division of Textile Industry's Mechanical Processing Group, CSIRO
1988 - 1993
Career position - Assistant Chief, CSIRO Division of Wool Technology

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