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Nicholas Cutmore is a physicist who has worked within CSIRO since 1983. His research interest lies in the use of radio frequency and microwave technologies to conduct on-line analysis of materials such as coal and carbon. His patented processes have been applied in the coal, oil and mineral industries in Australia.

He was also part of the CSIRO team that won the CSIRO Medal for Research Achievement in 2006 in acknowledgement of their cutting edge airline cargo scanner, the first to scan objects using neutrons and gamma rays.



Education - Bachelor of Science (Hons 1 and the University Medal) in physics, University of New South Wales
Education - PhD in solid state physics, University of New South Wales
c. 1981 - c. 1983
Career position - Research Fellow at School of Mining Engineering, University of New South Wales
Career event - Research Scientist in the On-line Analysis and Control Program, CSIRO

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