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Biographical entry Bunton, John David

Electrical engineer


John David Bunton is a Senior Principal Research Engineer in the Wireless Technology Laboratory of the CSIRO's Information and Communications Technology (ICT) centre. In this position he has been project manager or chief investigator for wireless based research initiatives with a wide array of applications, and this has led to involvement with NASA and the Australian coal-mining industry.

He was part of the Gigabit Wireless project in 2007, which was awarded the CSIRO Chairman's Medal and Engineers Australia's Engineering Excellence Award.



Education - Bachelor of Science, Sydney University
Education - Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), Sydney University
1975 - 1982
Education - Ph.D. for Post-graduate studies in Loudspeaker Characterisation and Measurement
1983 - 1986
Career position - Engineer at Sydney University's 'Fleurs Radio Telescope'
1986 - 1988
Career position - Engineer-in-Chief at Sydney University's 'Fleurs Radio Telescope'
1989 -
Career position - Experimental Scientist and later Senior Principal Research Engineer, CSIRO Division of Radiophysics (now ICT)
Award - CSIRO Medal for Research Achievement for the development of Fast Fourier Transform technology team
Award - Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP) Excellence Award
Award - CSIRO Chairman's Medal, Gigabit wireless project team
Award - Engineering Excellence Award, Engineers Australia 'Multi-Gigabit, mm-wave Wireless'

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