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Biographical entry Bornemissza, George Francis (1924 - )

11 February 1924
Baja, Hungary
Entomologist, Zoological collector and Zoologist


George Francis Bornemissza is a zoologist who's area of expertise and interest is insects and ecosystem conservation.

He was a part of the CSIRO's Division of Entomology from 1955 to 1983. His research work led to the establishment of the Dung Beetle Program (1965-1985) in which a foreign dung beetle species was introduced to the A.C.T., drastically reducing the pestilent bush fly population and the problem of dung-fouled pasture.

In his retirement he continues to amass his comprehensive collection of native Australian beetles which will be donated to the Australian National Insect Collection.



Life event - Emigrated to Western Australia
Education - Ph.D. In Zoology
c. 1952 - c. 1955
Career position - Employed at the Department of Zoology at the University of Western Australia
1955 - 1983
Career position - Employed at the CSIRO
Career event - The Dung Beetle Program officially commenced

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Journal Articles

  • Whitten, Max, 'Vale George Bornemissza', Myrmecia: News Bulletin of the Australian Entomological Society, vol. 50, no. 3, 2014, pp. 2-4. Details

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