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Corporate entry CRC for Biomarker Translation (2007 - c. 2014)

Bundoora, Victoria, Australia
c. 2014
Alternative Names
  • Cooperative Research Centre for Biomarker Translation (Also known as)


The CRC (Cooperative Research Centre) for Biomarker Translation was established after a 7 year grant was awarded by the Cooperative Research Centres Program in 2007, taking the place of the CRC for Diagnostics.

The CRC's areas of research expertise include: discovery of membrane proteins of cells by mass spectroscopy; gene array analysis and phage display methods; expertise in discovery and characterisation of cell surface molecules; and development and use of monoclonal antibodies.


 1995 - 2001 CRC for Diagnostic Technologies
       2001 - 2007 CRC for Diagnostics
             2007 - c. 2014 CRC for Biomarker Translation

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