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Biographical entry Pearman, Graeme Ivan (1941 - )


15 May 1941
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Environmental scientist


Graeme Ivan Pearman has been Chief of CSIRO Atmospheric Research since 1992. His research has been mostly in the field of atmospheric composition and in particular the global carbon cycle. He has pioneered research in areas such as the application of global transport modelling, the use of stable carbon isotopes, the extraction of fossil air from Antarctic ice cores, the extraction of carbon from tree-rings and the use of very high precision measurements of oxygen.

Pearman was the convenor of the GREENHOUSE 87 conference in Melbourne and co-convenor of GREENHOUSE 94 in Wellington, New Zealand. He edited the CSIRO book, Greenhouse: Planning for Climate Change (1988).


Born Perth, 15 May 1941. Educated University of Western Australia (BSc (hons) 1963, PhD 1968). CSIRO Postdoctoral Studentship, Soil Physics Department, University of Wisconsin, Madison 1970; Physicist-ecologist, CSIRO Division of Meteorological (Atmospheric) Physics (Research) 1971-77, Section Leader, Atmospheric Constitutents Program 1977-83, Senior Principal Research Scientist 1983-88, Chief Research Scientist 1988-89, Assistant Chief of Division 1989-92, Chief of Division 1992- . Editor's Citation for Excellence in Refereeing, Journal of Geophysical Research 1983; CSIRO Medal 1988; Fellow, Australian Academy of Science 1989; United Nations Environment Program Global 500 Award 1989 for the work of his group in public communication; Fellow, Royal Society of Victoria 1997. President, Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society 1994-?. In 1989 he coordinated the establishment of the CSIRO Institute of Natural Resources and Environment, Climate Change Research Program and he was the main thrust behind the establishment of the Australian Baseline Monitoring Station in Tasmania.

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  • Pearman, Graeme I., Garratt, John R. and Fraser, Paul J., 'CSIRO high-precision measurement of atmospheric CO2 concentration in Australia, part 1: initial motivation, techniques and aircraft sampling', Historical Records of Australian Science, vol. 28, no. 2, 2017, pp. 111-25. Details

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