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Biographical entry Nicholls, Neville (1950 - )

11 December 1950
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia


Neville Nicholls has worked as a researcher at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology since 1971. He has published numerous studies on climate variability and prediction, including El Nino, and on climate change. He has also published on the history of climate research and climate impacts. Nicholls is a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society and a member of the American Meteorological Society.



Education - Bachelor of Science (BSc) completed at Monash University
Career position - Cadet Meteorologist at the Bureau of Meteorology
1971 - 1975
Career position - Meteorologist in the Synoptic Research Section of the Bureau of Meteorology
1975 - 1985
Career position - Scientist at the Australian Numerical Research Centre
Education - Master of Science (MSc) completed at the University of Melbourne
1982 - 1986
Career position - Member of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Working Group on Long-Range Weather Forecasting Research
Education - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) completed at the University of Melbourne
1985 -
Career position - Senior Principal Research Scientist and Group Leader of the Climate Forecasting Group (formerly Climate Group), Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre
Education - Master of Business Administration (MBA) completed at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
1986 - 1989
Career position - Member Australian Meteorology Society (AMS) Committee on Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography
1986 - 1990
Career position - Member of the Australian Committee for the World Climate Research Programme
1987 -
Career position - Member Steering Committee of the International Meetings on Statistical Climatology
1987 - 1992
Career position - Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Climatology
1991 - 1992
Career position - Lead Author of the Section C, Supplement to the IPCC First Scientific Assessment Report
1991 - 1994
Career position - Member TOGA Numerical Experimentation Group
1991 - 1997
Career position - Member of the CAS/WMO Group of Rapporteurs on Medium and Long-Range Prediction Research
1993 - 1995
Career position - Convening Lead Author of Chapter 3, Observed climate variability and change, IPCC Second Scientific Assessment
1996 - 2000
Career position - Member of the WCRP/CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group
1997 -
Career position - Editor of the Journal of Climate
1999 -
Career position - Member of the AMS Committee on Meteorology and Oceanography of the Southern Hemisphere
Career position - Scientific Lecturer at the 13th World Meteorological Congress in Geneva, Switzerland

Published resources

Book Sections

  • Nicholls, Neville, 'The centennial drought' in Windows on Meteorology: Australian Perspective, Webb, Eric K., ed. (Melbourne: CSIRO Publishing, 1997), pp. 118-126. Details
  • Nicholls, Neville, '"A healthy climate?"' in Windows on Meteorology: Australian Perspective, Webb, Eric K., ed. (Melbourne: CSIRO Publishing, 1997), pp. 105-117. Details

Journal Articles

  • Anon, 'AMOS Fellows elected to the Academy [Neville Nicholls and Ian Allison]', BAMOS: bulletin of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, 29 (2) (2016), 29-30. Details
  • Nicholls, Neville, 'William Stanley Jevons and the climate of Australia', Australian Meteorological Magazine, 47 (December 1998) (1998), 285-293. Details


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