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Biographical entry Woinarski, John Casimir Zichy

Ecologist and Ornithologist


John Woinarski, an ecologist with the Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory from 1991, is interested in the conservation and ecology of Australian birds.


Educated Monash University (PhD 1984). Experimental Scientist, CSIRO Wildlife and Ecology 1988-90; Ecologist, Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory from 1991. Christensen Research Fellowship 1987.

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Journal Articles

  • Presland, Gary, 'Australian Natural History Medallion 2011: John C. Z. Woinarski', Victorian Naturalist, vol. 129, 2012, pp. 20-1. Details
  • Woinarski, J. C. Z; Brennan, K; Cowie, I; Fisher, A; Latz, P. K & Russell-Smith, J, 'Vegetation of the Wessel and English Company Islands, North-eastern Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia', Australian Journal of Botany, vol. 48, no. 1, 2000, pp. 115-141. Details

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  • Robin, Libby, The Flight of the Emu: a Hundred Years of Australian Ornithology 1901-2001, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 2001, 492 pp. Details

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