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Biographical entry Strehlow, Carl Friedrich Theodor (1871 - 1922)

23 December 1871
Fredersdorf, Uckermark, Germany
20 October 1922
Horseshoe Bend, South Australia, Australia


Carl Strehlow was head of the Finke River Mission, Hermannsburg from 1894-1922. He became fluent in the languages of the Aranda and Loritja people and his seven-volume work on their myths, legends, material culture and customs was published between 1907and 1920. He is commemorated by the Carl Strehlow Memorial Hospital at Hermannsburg and the Strehlow Research Centre in Alice Springs.



Education - Graduated from the Neuendettelsau seminary in Germany
Career position - Ordained
1892 - 1894
Career position - Worked for the Immanuel Synod near Cooper's Creek in South Australia
1894 - 1922
Career position - Head of Finke River Mission in Hermannsburg, Northern Territory

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See also

  • Jensz, Felicity, '"Poor heathens", "cone-headed natives" and "good water": the production of knowledge of the interior of Australia through German texts from around the 1860s', Postcolonial studies, 21 (1) (2018), 96-112. Details

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