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Biographical entry Mead, Elwood (1858 - 1936)

16 January 1858
Patriot, Indiana, United States of America
26 January 1936
Washington, United States of America
Civil engineer


Elwood Mead was born in the USA and came to Australia to act as Chairman of the Victorian State Rivers and Water Supply Commission (1907 to 1915). Prior to this he worked at Colorado State Agricultural College, rapidly becoming Professor of Irrigation Engineering. He then went on to become State Engineer in Wyoming and Director of irrigation investigations with the Department of Agriculture (1899-1907). He worked part time for the University of California at Berkeley during this last post. Once Mead returned to the States in 1915 he took up a position of Professor of Rural Institutions at University of California. Lake Mead, near Boulder Dam, is named after him.



Education - Bachelor of Science (BS) completed at Purdue University, USA
Education - Certificate (?) of Engineering (CE) completed at the Iowa State College of Agriculture, USA
Education - Master of Science (MS) completed at Purdue University
1899 - 1907
Career position - Director of Irrigation Investigations with the Colorado(?) Department of Agriculture, USA
Education - Diploma in Engineering completed at Purdue University
1907 - c. 1914
Career position - Chairman of the Victorian Government's State Rivers and Water Supply Commission
1915 - 1924
Career position - Professor of Rural Institutions at the University of California, USA
1924 -
Career position - Federal Commissioner for reclamation, USA

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