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Biographical entry Hope, Robert Culbertson (1812 - 1878)

12 May 1812
Morebattle, Roxburghshire, Scotland
24 June 1878
Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia
Physician and Pastoralist


Robert Hope was a medical practitioner at Campbelltown and then in Geelong, Victoria. Shortly after moving to the Geelong district he took up land at Batesford where he built flour mills and supplied meat, bread and vegetables to gold diggers at Ballarat and Bendigo in 1851. He was one of the early viticulturists in the Geelong district, but phylloxera ruined the vines in 1877. Hope was also joint founder of the Mechanics' Institute at Batesford and President of the Geelong and Western District Agricultural and Horticultural Society.



Education - Doctor of Medicine (MD) completed at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Life event - Arrived in Australia
1838 - 1846
Career position - Private practice in Campbelltown (New South Wales?, South Australia?)
1850s - 1877
Career position - Viticulturist at Moorabool River (Geelong)
Career position - Chairman of the Board of Agriculture

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  • Clark, Manning, 'Hope, Robert Culbertson (1812-1878), medical practitioner and pastoralist', in Douglas Pike (ed.), Australian Dictionary of Biography, vol. 4, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 1972, pp. 419-420. Also available at Details

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