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Biographical entry Goyder, George Woodroffe (1826 - 1898)

24 June 1826
London, England
2 November 1898
Aldgate, South Australia, Australia


George Goyder was Surveyor-General of South Australia from 1861-1894.


Born London, 24 June 1826. Died Aldgate, 2 November 1898. CMG 1889. Migrated to Sydney 1848, worked in an auctioneering firm 1848-51, draftsman, South Australian civil service 1851-52, Department of Lands 1853-94, as chief clerk, second assistant surveyor-general, assistant surveyor-general (1857-61) and surveyor-general (1861-94). Surveyed in the Northern Territory 1869, recommending Palmerston (Darwin) as the capital site. Chairman of the railways commission 1874-75, and of the Forest Board 1875-83. In 1865 he mapped 'the line of demarcation between that portion of the country where the rainfall has extended, and that where the drought prevailed'. In 1867 he admitted that this line, known as Goyder's Line, separated, to a certain extent, lands suitable for agriculture and those fit only for grazing.


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