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Biographical entry Sinclair, Eric (1860 - 1925)

14 February 1860
West Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland
19 May 1925
Mount Victoria, New South Wales, Australia


Eric Sinclair became the New South Wales Inspector-General for the Insane in 1898 and helped bring the struggling industry out of its crisis. He successfully lobbied for increased government funding, oversaw the establishment of many new hospitals and facilities, helped legitimize psychiatry as a true medical science and set up the state's first pathological laboratory for testing patients for specific mental illnesses. During World War I Sinclair was charged with the psychiatric treatment of returning soldiers and in 1918 was appointed Principal Medical Officer with the Australian army medical Corps.



Education - Bachelor of Medicine (MB) and Master of Surgery (ChM) completed at the University of Glasgow, Scotland
1881 - 1882
Career position - Migrated to Australia (Sydney) and obtained an appointment as Medical Officer at the Quarantine Station in North Head
Career position - Medical Officer at the Hospital for the Insane in Gladesville
1883 - c. 1898
Career position - Medical Superintendent at the Hospital for the Insane in Gladesville
c. 1885 - c. 1886
Career position - Returned to Glasgow for further studies
Education - Doctor of Medicine (MD) completed at the University of Glasgow
1898 -
Career position - Inspector-General of the Insane in New South Wales
Career position - Authorised the admission of voluntary patients to State mental hospitals
1915 - 1918
Career position - Appointed supervisor of psychiatric treatment of returned soldiers at No.13 Australian Military Hospital for the Australian Army Medical Corps
1918 -
Career position - Principal Medical Officer of the 2nd Military District with the Australian Army Medical Corps
Career position - Established a pathological laboratory to test mental patients for medical pathologies
Career position - Opened Broughton Hall military hospital for voluntary patients

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