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Biographical entry Thompson, Edward Henry (1851 - 1928)

16 May 1851
Newcastle upon Tyne, England
6 January 1928
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Entomologist and Priest


Edward Thompson migrated to Australia in 1870 and worked as a reader in the Anglican dioceses of Melbourne and Ballarat. In 1878 he was ordained and appointed rector of Tasmania's Huon district, establishing his home in Franklin. After twenty years in this post he moved to Hobart and became rector of St John's Baptist Church. Throughout his life, Reverend Thompson had a fascination with biology and nature. While in Franklin, he spent much of his free time pursuing his horticultural and entomological interests. Thompson soon developed an expertise in the pests and funguses attacking the local orchards and in 1891 was appointed entomologist and scientific adviser to the Tasmanian Council/Department of Agriculture. In this role he researched insecticides and fungicides and their delivery methods, and helped restore the local orchard industry. Thompson was also a member of the American Association of Economic Entomology and author of two handbooks.



Life event - Migrated to Australia (Melbourne)
1870 - 1875
Career position - Stipendiary licensed reader in the Anglican dioceses of Melbourne and Ballarat
Career position - Appointed Deacon and moved to Tasmania
1875 - 1876
Career position - Locum at the Anglican mission in Levuka, Fiji
1876 - 1878
Career position - Curate of D'Entrecasteaux in Port Cygnet in Tasmania
Career position - Ordained a priest
1878 - 1908
Career position - Rector of the Huon district of Tasmania with residency in Franklin
1891 - 1896
Career position - Entomologist and scientific adviser to the Council of Agriculture in Tasmania
Career position - A Handbook to the Insect Pests on Farm and Orchard published
Career position - Insect and Fungus Pests of the Field, Farm and Garden published
1896 - 1899
Career position - Unpaid advisor to the Department of Agriculture
1908 - 1924
Career position - Rector of St John's Baptist Church in Hobart
Career position - Retired from the priesthood
Life event - Moved to Sydney

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