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Biographical entry Morgan, William Longworth (1904 - 1968)

22 April 1904
Moorlands, New South Wales, Australia
8 May 1968
New South Wales, Australia


William Morgan completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Sydney University (1927) and then went on to work as an entomologist for the New South Wales Department of Agriculture. He soon became a recognised authority on those insects which attacked local vegetables and crops (e.g. cabbage moth, pumpkin beetle, tomato mite, etc.). By studying the lifecycle of the bean fly, Morgan was able to come up with a nicotine-sulphate white oil solution to effectively treat infestations. During World War II, the Commonwealth Government put Morgan in charge of the contract vegetable production industry to ensure a constant supply during the war years. In 1947 Morgan resigned from his government post and established Ace Farm Supplies Pty. Ltd. in Sydney - a supplier of seeds, equipment, tools and pest control chemicals. In 1995 he set up Root Nodule Pty. Ltd, one of Australia's first commercial producers of legume inoculants.



c. 1927
Education - Bachelor of Science (BSc) completed at the University of Sydney
1937 - 1938
Career position - Bean fly treatment regime discovered
Career position - Resigned from the Department of Agriculture and established Ace Farm Supplies Pty. Ltd.
Career position - Formed the Root Nodule Pty. Ltd. company

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Journal Articles

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McCarthy, G.J.