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Biographical entry Thomas, Andrew D.

Chemical analyst


Andrew Thomas was the Adelaide City Analyst 1843-1892 and analysed food and milk samples supplied by the City Health Office and the Sanitary Inspectors.

Archival resources

Adelaide City Council Archives

  • Andrew Thomas - Records, 1883 - 1894, C 98; Adelaide City Council Archives. Details

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions

Journal Articles

  • Thomas, Andrew and Ey, William, 'Extracting Cobalt and Nickel from their Ores. (Patent, 2 Sept., 1867)', Specifications of Letters of Registration of Patents for Inventions - South Australia, 1 (84) (1848-68). Details
  • Thomas, Andrew D., 'Analyses of two samples of South Australian gold', Philosophical Magazine (1851), 261-2. Details


McCarthy, G.J.