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Biographical entry Moore, William (1859 - 1927)

30 July 1859
Milton, Queensland, Australia
8 September 1927
Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia
Alternative Names
  • Moore, Jerry (Also known as)


William (Jerry) Moore had a longstanding association with the (Royal) Melbourne Hospital. He began there as a house surgeon in 1883 and progressed to be 'the perfect surgeon' who specialised in skin complaints and plastic surgery. In fact, Jerry Moore wrote one of the first books on plastic surgery. He was a member of the hospital board for over twenty years and was instrumental in the introduction of an electoral system for appointments to the board (1910). Moore also worked at St Vincent's Hospital (1899-1906), was a committee member of the Austin Hospital, a councilor of the Medical Society of Victoria, a councilor of the British Medical Association - Victorian branch, and he ran his own private hospital (Milton House) in Melbourne. He was the first person to receive a Master of Surgery degree from the University of Melbourne and co-founder of the university's Medical Students' Society.



Education - Bachelor of Medicine (MB) completed at the University of Melbourne
Education - Bachelor of Surgery (BS) completed at the University of Melbourne
1883 - 1884
Career position - House Surgeon at the Melbourne Hospital
Education - Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Master of Surgery (Ms) completed at the University of Melbourne
Career position - Demonstrator in Anatomy at the University of Melbourne
1885 - 1887
Career position - Surgeon for skin diseases at the Melbourne Hospital
1887 - c. 1902
Career position - Out-patient Surgeon at the Melbourne Hospital
1890 -
Career position - Private practice established in Spring St, then Collins St, Melbourne
1895 - 1907
Career position - Committee member at the Austin Hospital, Victoria
Career position - Plastic Surgery published
1899 - 1906
Career position - Honorary Surgeon at St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne
1902 - 1910
Career position - Surgeon at the Melbourne Hospital
1904 - 1925
Career position - Hospital board member at the Melbourne Hospital
1910 -
Career position - Consulting Surgeon at the Melbourne Hospital
c. 1915 - c. 1918
Career position - Field Surgeon with the 11th Australian General Hospital

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