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Biographical entry Murray, Russell Mervyn (1877 - 1945)

12 July 1877
Elliminyt, Victoria, Australia
22 January 1945
Queenstown, Tasmania, Australia
Mining engineer


Russell Murray greatly changed the face of mining in Tasmania. During his forty-plus years in charge of Mount Lyell Mining he oversaw the construction of Australia's biggest underground mining operation - the Mount Lyell Mine - and he initiated a scheme which greatly improved the living conditions of miners and other Gormanston locals. In 1912 a fire swept through North Lyell killing forty-two people, but without Murray's calm and organised rescue plan the death rate may have been much higher. The Royal human Society awarded Russell Murray their Silver Medal for his life-saving efforts.



Education - Bachelor of Civil Engineering (BCE) completed at the University of Melbourne
1900 - 1906
Career position - Draftsman and Assistant Surveyor with Mount Lyell Mining & Railway Co. in Gormanston, Tasmania
Career position - Acting Manager of Mount Lyell mines
1906 - 1922
Career position - Oversaw the development of the Mount Lyell mine complex
1907 - 1922
Career position - Engineer-in-charge at Mount Lyell mines
c. 1912
Award - Royal Humane Society's silver medal received for implementing rescue operations during the North Lyell fire of 1912
1920 - 1945
Career position - Warden of Gormanston
1922 - 1944
Career position - General Manager of Mount Lyell mines
Career position - President of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Life event - Retired due to crippling arthritis

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