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Biographical entry Shaw, W. Hudson

Aviation historian


W. Hudson Shaw researched Australia's pioneer aviators. Notes and correspondences relating to his work on Lawrence Hargrave are held at the National Library of Australia.

Archival resources

National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection

  • W. Hudson Shaw - Records, 1954 - 1977, MS 5661; National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection. Details

Published resources

Journal Articles

  • Shaw, W. Hudson, 'Lawrence Hargrave - an Appreciation', Journal and Proceedings of The Royal Society of New South Wales, 96 (1963), 17-30. Details
  • Shaw, W. Hudson, 'Lawrence Hargrave: Fact and Fallacy', Records of the Australian Academy of Science, 1 (3) (1968), 45-52. Details


McCarthy, G.J.