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Biographical entry Ewart, Alfred James (1872 - 1937)


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    Ewart, Alfred James Portrait

12 February 1872
Toxeth Park, Lancashire, England
12 September 1937
East Malvern, Victoria, Australia
Botanist and Plant physiologist


Alfred James Ewart was the first Professor of Botany, University of Melbourne 1906-1937 and until February 1921 was also the Victorian Government Botanist. Although trained in England, he published widely on Australian flora and travelled extensively throughout the country. President of the Royal Society of Victoria 1920-1921.



1898 - 1937
Career position - Fellow, Linnean Society, London
Career event - Published First Stage Botany
1900 - 1906
Career event - Translated W. Pfeffer's three volume publication The Physiology of Plants
Career event - Published New Matriculation Botany, later published as Ewart's Elementary Botany
Career event - Published On the Physics and Physiology of Protoplasmic Streaming in Plants,
1906 - 1921
Career position - Victorian Government Botanist
1906 - 1937
Career position - Chair of Botany, University of Melbourne
1908 - 1937
Career position - Chairman, Forestry Examination Board, Victoria
Career event - Published The Weeds, Poison Plants and Naturalized Aliens of Victoria
1909 - 1910
Career position - President, Field Naturalists Club of Victoria
Taxonomy event - Ewartia named by G. Beauverd in Ewart's honour
Career event - Published The Flora of the Northern Territory, co-authored with Olive B. Davies
Taxonomy event - J.H. Maiden named Eucalyptus ewartiana Maiden (1919) in Ewart's honour
Career event - Published Handbook of Forest Trees for Victorian Foresters
Taxonomy event - Described Eucalyptus gillenii Ewart & Kerr (1926) (Blakely states = Eucalyptus morrisii R. T. Bak
Career event - Published Flora of Victoria

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Ewart, Alfred James Portrait


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