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Biographical entry Black, John McConnell (1855 - 1951)

28 April 1855
Wigtown, Scotland
2 December 1951
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Botanical collector and Botanist


John Black, originally a journalist and linguist who investigated Aboriginal languages, turned to botany in the early 1900s and published The Naturalised Flora of South Australia (1909) and Flora of South Australia (1922-1929; 2nd edition 1943-1948).


Born Wigtown, Scotland, 28 April 1855. Died Adelaide, 2 December 1951. MBE 1942. British Linen Co. Bank, Edinburgh; Oriental Bank, London; migrated to South Australia 1877; wheat farmer, Baroota, South Australia 1878-83; staff of the "South Australian Register"; senior reporter and editorialist, the "Advertiser" till 1903; Hansard reporter on a sessional basis until 1929; concentrated on botany from 1903; wrote "The Naturalised Flora of South Australia' (1909) and "The Flora of South Australia", published in four parts in 1922-29and revised 1939-51; honorary lecturer in systematic botany, University of Adelaide 1927. Verco Medal, Royal Society of South Australia 1930; Mueller Memorial Medal, Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science 1932; Natural History Medallion, Field Naturalists' Club of Victoria 1944; W.B. Clarke Memorial Medal, Royal Society of New South Wales 1946. Active participant in the International Botanical Congress, Cambridge, 1930; president, Royal Society of South Australia 1933-34.


Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus viminalis var. diversifolia J.M.Black [synonym]
Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus baxteri var. pedicella J.M.Black [synonym]
Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus incrassata var. protrusa J.M.Black
Award - Sir Joseph Verco Medal
Award - The Mueller Medal
Taxonomy event - Eucalyptus obliqua L'Herit. var. megacarpa Blakely. Black was joint collector of the type.
Award - Appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire
Award - Australian Natural History Medallion, Field Naturalist Club of Victoria
Award - The Clarke Medal

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Archival resources

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Online Resources

See also

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