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Biographical entry Olle, Archibald Durrant (1868 - 1942)

Bayton, Suffolk, England
9 September 1942
Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia


Archibald Olle joined the British Navy at age 15. One of his first postings was to Sydney in 1886. After participating in Australian jubilee celebrations in Sydney and Adelaide in 1887, he spent the next year travelling around the Pacific. In 1888, Olle was forced to accept a discharge due to his continued poor health. He then took up hospital work in Melbourne and Sydney and then spent two years in Germany. Olle was a member of many leading scientific bodies and was a Fellow of the Chemical Society, London. He was an original member of the Australian Chemical Institute.



Career position - Sailed to Sydney with the British Navy on the HM Brig Nautilis
Career position - Sailed on the HMS Nelson as part of Australian jubilee celebrations
c. 1888 - ?
Career position - Hospital service at the Hamilton Hospital in Victoria, then at the Sydney Hospital
Career position - Discharged from the Navy due to poor health
1899 -
Career position - Established a practice in massage, electro-therapy and radiology in Ashfield
1926 - 1927
Career position - Chair of the Agricultural Section of the Royal Society of New South Wales
1930 -
Career position - Chair of the Industrial Section of the Royal Society of New South Wales

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