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Corporate entry Royal College of Nursing, Australia (1989 - )

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Advisory or regulatory body, Association and Society or membership organisation
Reference No
ABN: 69 004 271 103
1 Napier Close, Deakin, Australian Capital Territory 2600


Established in 1949 as the College of Nursing, Australia, the Royal College of Nursing, Australia was formed in 1989, after gaining the title of 'Royal'. The College is a professional organisation representing nurses and has approximately 8600 members in 2002. The College states that their mission is "To benefit the health of the community through promotion and recognition of professional excellence in nursing" (, July 2002).


 1949 - 1989 College of Nursing, Australia
       1989 - Royal College of Nursing, Australia

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  • Smith, Russel G., In Pursuit of Nursing Excellence: a History of the Royal College of Nursing, Australia 1949-1999, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1999, 390 pp. Details

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