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Corporate entry Victorian Institute of Engineers (1883 - 1949)

26 July 1883
Victoria, Australia
25 August 1949
Association and Society or membership organisation
Alternative Names
  • Victorian Engineers Association (Former name, 1883 - August 1889)


The Victorian Institute of Engineers existed between the years 1883 and 1949.


The Institute was formed as the Victorian Engineers Association on 26 July 1883, following an initiative of the Chief Secretary, Colony of Victoria, as an association "in which the civil, mechanical, mining, sanitary, electric, and every other branch of engineering would be represented". The main object of the association was "the promotion of an entente cordiale between the different branches and members of the profession, and its advancement generally." And it was hoped that the association would organise "a series of scientific conversaziones, at the Exhibition building", and assist the Exhibition Trustees.

The name was altered to The Victorian Institute of Engineers in August 1889.

The Institute was "wound up voluntarily" at a meeting on 25 August 1949, to "facilitate the merger of the Victorian Institute of Engineers with the Institution of Engineers, Australia."

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Archival resources

State Library of Victoria, Australian Manuscripts Collection

  • Records, ca. 1883-1980. [manuscript], c. 1883 - 1980, MS 11170; Institution of Engineers, Australia. Victoria Division.; State Library of Victoria, Australian Manuscripts Collection. Details

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