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Corporate entry Microscopical Society of Victoria (1873 - 1954)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
July 1954
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Association, Society or membership organisation and Scientific Equipment Production or Supply
Melbourne, Victoria


The Microscopical Society of Victoria was formed in 1873, and amalgamated with the Royal Society of Victoria in July 1887, to form Section D, for the study of the microscope and its applications. The Microscopical Society separated from the Royal Society in 1908, although meetings continued to be held at the Royal Society's hall until July 1954, when the Microscopical Society became incorporated with the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria, and the Microscopical Group of the FNCV was formed.


The Microscopical Society of Victoria published a Quarterly Journal, vol. 1, pt 1 in August 1879, a Journal, vol. 1, nos 2 and 3, May 1880, to vol. 2, no. 1, April 1882, and Proceedings from vol. 1, May 27, 1912. It was founded for the promotion and encouragement of Microscopical Science, and the collection and diffusion of knowledge on all subjects with which the microscope deals, as well as to form the medium of communication between observing, and a source of instructions for amateurs and students, and for the establishment of a collection of microscopical works, objects, and apparatus. [Rules, undated].

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State Library of Victoria, Australian Manuscripts Collection

  • James Alexander Smith - Papers, 1878 - 1933, MS 11370; State Library of Victoria, Australian Manuscripts Collection. Details
  • Royal Society of Victoria - Records, 1854 - 1988, MS 11663; State Library of Victoria, Australian Manuscripts Collection. Details

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