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Corporate entry CSIRO Division of Physics (1945 - 1973)

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Chippendale, New South Wales, Australia
Industrial or scientific research
Chippendale, New South Wales


The Division of Physics, previously the Physics Section, was part of the National Standards Laboratory, along with the Divisions of Metrology and Electrotechnology. At the conclusion of the Second World War the Physics Section became the Division of Physics. Almost thirty years later, in 1974, the National Standards Laboratory was renamed the National Measurement Laboratory. This incorporated the Divisions of Physics and Applied Physics. The Division of Applied Physics reappeared in 1980, when the National Measurement Laboratory was renamed.


 1939 - 1945 CSIR Physics Section
       1945 - 1973 CSIRO Division of Physics
             1974 - 1979 CSIRO National Measurement Laboratory
                   1979 - 1996 CSIRO Division of Applied Physics
                         1996 - CSIRO Division of Telecommunications and Industrial Physics

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  • Historical Directory of Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, 1926-1976, CSIRO, Canberra, 1978, 101 pp. Details

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