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Corporate entry Kraft Foods Limited (1950 - )

Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Food or beverage industry
Reference No
ABN 15 004 125 071; ACN: 004 125 071
Legal Status
Australian Public Company, Limited By Shares
Head Office: Kraft Foods Limited, 187 Todd Road, Fishermen's Bend, Victoria 3207. (as at 8 October 2001)


In 1950 the Kraft Walker Cheese Company Limited became Kraft Foods Limited and continued the production of some of the icons of Australian food, namely Vegemite, Bonox and Kraft Cheddar Cheese.


 1921? - 1935 Fred Walker and Company
 1926 - 1935 Kraft Walker Cheese Company Proprietary Limited
       1935? - 1950? Kraft Walker Cheese Company Limited
             1950 - Kraft Foods Limited

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  • Farrer, Keith Thomas Henry, 'C. P. Callister - a Pioneer of Australian Food Technology', Food Technology in Australia, vol. 25, 1973, pp. 52-65. Details

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