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Hooke, F. H.
Not Leaving No Stone Unturned: a Saga of Aeronautical Research in Australia
Transactions of the Institution of Engineers, Australia. Multi-Disciplinary Engineering
vol. GE8, no. 2, 1984, pp. 78-88
Chronological Classification 1901- Applied Sciences Engineering

Aeronautical structural research in Australia has spanned more than 40 years since the establishment of the C.S.I.R. Division of Aeronautics in 1939. Industry, civil aviation and the armed services have benefited from the expertise of the Structures Division in problem solving, as well as from ad- hoc research and, perhaps less immediately, from basic research. Not every avenue has been explored. Major research on structural fatigue, arose from an accident in 1945, and each new development in design and materials has brought new problems. Standards of safety and risk have been explored. New technology of fibre composites permits better tailoring of strength and stiffness to requirements: this and the introduction to aircraft of active controls offer benefits and problems for the future.

Carlson 1985