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Nethery, W. H.; Herit, M.
Beyond the Plaque: Engineering Heritage and the NSW Interpretation Guidelines
Sustaining Heritage: Second International and Thirteenth National Engineering Heritage Conference and NSW Railways Seminar
Engineers Australia, Sydney, New South Wales, 2005, pp. 125-127

The best guarantee for the survival of all types of heritage items and places is popular and political support for their conservation. Heritage Interpretation seeks to deliver this result. The Heritage Council of NSW has recently published Heritage Interpretation Guidelines that aim to facilitate the planning and implementation of best practice interpretation in NSW. The Guidelines result from an intensive process of research and consultation and address all aspects of this challenging discipline in a way that applies to every type of heritage place and item. This paper and the accompanying powerpoint presentation will outline briefly the principles underlying the Guidelines and explore their application to the planning and production of insight into the significance of Engineering heritage with reference to two Sydney engineering icons: Pyrmont Bridge and the Woolloomooloo Bay Finger Wharf. How does interpretation of these significant items measure up against the Guidelines' 'best practice' and what lessons do its successes and shortcomings hold for the interpretation (and thus, the survival) of Engineering heritage in the twenty-first century?

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