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Hartwell, David J.
Three mid 19th century developments integrated into 21st Century London Infrastructure
From the Past to the Future: 18th Australian Engineering Heritage Conference 2015 [Newcastle]
Engineers Australia, Barton, Australian Capital Territory, 2015, pp. 82-88

The paper highlights three very important Victorian heritage projects in London, U.K. which have stood the test of time and have now been integrated into the very latest infrastructure developments. The paper will briefly describe the epic pioneering Victorian Engineering and describe how they are being integrated into modern infrastructure.

The projects are the Brunels' first tunnel under the River Thames which is now incorporated into the London "Overground system". Bazalgette's sewers and pumping stations which are now being incorporated into the Thames Tideway project to control storm overflows into the Thames. And finally I K Brunel's Bridge over the Thames at Maidenhead, the longest flattest brick arch in the world, which will form an integral part of "CrossRail"; the first true East - West railway route across London. Perhaps the most significant lesson from these projects is the importance of constructing durable infrastructure which will outlast its nominal design life and provide a basis for future generations to enjoy the benefits of effective Civil Engineering which further enhance urban living.

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