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Haas, A. R.
Nineteenth Century Engineering Societies
Second National Conference on Engineering Heritage ‘The Value of Engineering Heritage': Preprints of Papers
Institution of Engineers, Australia, Barton, Australian Capital Territory, 1985, pp. 16-20

During the 1850s, several attempts were made in Victoria, and in one instance in South Australia, to establish societies having some connection with engineering, but these early efforts were not successful. Against this many engineers maintained a relationship with the Royal Society of Victoria in the decades after the 1850s. Several of these early societies had a membership which included architects, surveyors and engineers. After the establishment of the Engineering Association of New South Wales in 1870, and the Victorian Institute of Engineers in 1883 a proliferation of engineering societies began to take place, and by the Great War some Australian states had several societies. All of the engineering societies formed in Australia followed the British model in that they were independent of state control. In 1919 most of these bodies amalgamated to form the Institution of Engineers, Australia.

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