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Collection Title
James Arthur Prescott - Records
Adolph Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science
MS 166
Date Range
1806 - 1986

University of Manchester and other early and historical material, 1806-1970; Rothamsted Experimental Station, 1913-1914; Egypt, 1917-1972; correspondence 1919-1986; scientific correspondence, 1935-1973; honours, 1925-1980; adult education, 1957-1965; lectures and talks, 1920s-1962; field notebooks and working notebooks, 1928-1974; Australian Wine Research Institute, 1954-1980; work as an expert witness, 1960; reprints of articles; soil science societies and journals; material relating to various places, including northern Australia, Russia, New Zealand, India, and Pakistan.

13 boxes (2.53 m)