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Michael Terry - Records
South Australian Museum Archives
A.D. 11
Date Range
1923 - 1938

23 log books labelled variously Winton, Darwin, Broome, Port Hedland, Melbourne, Tanami, Tomkinson Range, Central Australia, Davenport Ranges, Patermann Ranges, Laverton, Warburton Ranges, Erlunda station, Lake MacKay, Kerridie Creek, Adelaide, Cosmo, and Newberry 1923-36 mentioning contacts with Aborigines, Aboriginal customs, some language notes, maps, interviews and including an account of the burial of Howard Lasseter; log books kept on expeditions for Acme Prospecting Syndicate No Liability, Endeavour Mining Company No Liability, Admelsby Pty Ltd, and Emu Mining Company No Liability; 8 field books 1928-38 and cash books 1923 along with company correspondence 1930-33 mentioning contacts with Aborigines; maps and miscellaneous papers [A.D. 11].

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