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John McGarvie Smith - Records
Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection, State Library of New South Wales
ML MSS 2411
Date Range
1918 - 1965

Minute books of the McGarvie Smith Institute 1918-1965 [ML MSS 2411/1-6]. Financial records 1895-1962 [ML MSS 2411/7-22]. Miscellaneous papers 1906-72 including the Will and Testament of McGarvie Smith, the McGarvie Smith Formula 1919-55, correspondence and other papers 1913-26 and the rules of the McGarvie Smith Institute 1928; other papers including records of vaccine agreements with various agencies 1926-63, the production of various veterinary vaccines 1961, research grants and benefactions 1942-66 and miscellaneous records 1929-72; record books 1918-19 [ML MSS 2411/24]. Newspaper cuttings 1892-1971 [ML MSS 2411/25X].

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