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Archival Resources Details Michael James Denham White - Records

Michael James Denham White - Records
Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO
Date Range
1948 - 1972

1. Main Series of (microscope) slides of cytological preparations numbers c2696-3928 (not complete), probably all morabines; 2. Identified series of slides sorted taxonomically; 3. Selected series of slides with the numbers 107-2915, Ch1-994 and K27-439; 4. Miscellaneous slides; 5. Published morabine series of slides of revised genera; 6. Other slides; 7. Wax blocks of numbered unsectioned testes; 8. Fixed testes etc in vials, many dried out, mainly morabine; 9. Whole bodies of morabines in liquid in vials; 10. Dried bodies of grasshoppers 1974-75; 11.Dried bodies of 2n and 3n hybrids of "Warramaba" species, laboratory reared with a list of hybrid experiments; 12. Field and laboratory notebooks 1948-72 including lists of identifications by cytological preparation numbers [19 volumes].

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